Monday 30, 2018

James Destin Films


James’s love for the film industry started in 2006, where he first started producing television shows on public access, TV.  Thereafter, he was bitten by the film bug and he started writing, acting and producing movies.  His first movie was “My Mistake”  he had such a positive feed back that he decided to go to film school to learn better and more up to date techniques in filming.  I went to New York University Film Academy, where he learned a wealth of information to make film productions even better.
Thereafter, he have produced a number of movies and documentaries including the “The Mayor’s Daughter”, “Bel Vakans” , “Face Book” and “Ayiti En Koma”.  He is not only produce movies and documentaries, but he also filming weddings and other special occasions.
He is passionate about  cinematography and he will continue to learn and strive to do his best.


  • Completed:

    February 28, 2018
  • Client:

    James Destin
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